How I Style My Kids

"Do you dress your kids from your store?-" a frequent question I often receive from family, friends, strangers, and the like.  I think it goes without saying that yes, absolutely, I 100% dress and style my own children with clothes from my children's boutique, but I also shop other small businesses and department stores. 

And I think that's true with many shoppers- they pick and choose pieces from various places to create one unified/fashionable outfit for their children.  They shop my store for an upscale jumper or dress and pair it with an inexpensive shirt or sweater from a place they tend to shop more often- a place we all shop often- TARGET! 

And I'm fine with that.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't do that, but I also know time is money.  Therefore, I like to offer IT all in one place for my shoppers/customers: undershirts, sweaters, pants, belts, socks, shoes, bows, hair clips, headbands, and more.  Because what I have found is that a great number of shoppers like the convenience of having it all in one place.  It saves them time from running around town sitting in traffic and/or waiting for their Amazon package to arrive. And let's not even throw around the "supply chain issues" we've been hearing on repeat.

I've also found the average shopper to be ever-changing.  Seasons of life come and go, so during one season, they may prefer to shop around town for the best prices and selections, yet during another season, they may prefer to buy online.  Another season may call for splurging all in one place because it's convenient and truly helps a small business owner out more than that shopper will ever know.

Whatever season you are currently in, I'm thankful to call you a loyal customer-whether you buy when you can or window shop when you can't: thank you!

So circling back to that question I receive more times than not: yes, I dress and style all four of my kids from my children's boutique.  Here's a small snippet for you. 


For Eloise's one-year photos, I brought home the above bella bliss's Princeton Plaid diaper set.  This is the flat-lay image provided by the company for advertising.  It's an adorable outfit!!! But, what if it's cold? Do I pair cream, pink, or blue knee-high socks or tights with it? And what about a coat or sweater? Shoes and what color and style shoes? Bows?  It all can become overwhelming in a matter of seconds.

On the morning of her pictures, it was pretty chilly and dreary, so I grabbed a Boden bonnet I bought years ago for my first baby and a Ralph Lauren sweater I was gifted years ago at one of my first baby showers, and VOILA! Look how incredibly adorable she is! 

However, if I hadn't had these items to pair with the bloomer set, what would I have chosen? Moreover, what if I didn't have the things I needed to make the outfit "pop!"?  I could quickly jump in my car and drive to my store to get some "pop" worthy things, but the majority of people can't do this! 

That's why I'm here: to offer visual inspiration and a visual reminder that dressing and styling your kids can be done with something new, blue, and borrowed.

I'm also not saying my mad style is superior; I'm trying to say the opposite: it's normal.  I shop like most Americans, even if I do own a boutique.  Like all moms, my children are usually dressed to the nines while I'm running around half-haggard.  And honestly, that's how I want it to be!  After all, they're only little once, so that means I only get to dress them and pick out their clothes just this once before the dreaded "I'm not wearing that" phase! Oh, my heart! 

So this one goes to all you mamas, daddies, grandparents, and caregivers out there dressing and styling little ones. While it's definitely not always an easy (or inexpensive) task, we can certainly try to make it a fun and memorable one!